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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 22, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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the opportunity to make history to be among the first visitors to see the image of $king. a 29-foot image. today, many people were overcome with emotion as they took in the sites of this memorial. last week, i had an opportunity to visit the memorial and to get a firsthand look to see what it looks like. >> reporter: washington, jefferson, lincoln. the forefourths of our country look-- forefathers of our country look over a monument. >> i have a dream. >> reporter: the martin luther king jr. memorial, a peacemaker, champion to social change. >> the first time you see this, a lump comes in your throat and maybe a tear to your eye. >> reporter: it is a dream a decade in the making. i was the director for communications. i worked closely with loretta
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scott king, dr. king's widow. our guide, harry johnson, the president of the foundation. >> this is where everyone starts their tour of the memorial. >> right. >> what are we experiencing here? >> we want people to just come here. and as they walk down, it gets narrower, going down. spaisk -- basically symbolizing the struggle of the civil rights movement. >> reporter: into the wide open plaza. >> you're walking out of this. in which it says, out of a mountain of despair, which we just walked through, keep having hope. >> reporter: dr. king's image emerges from the stone. the memorial's architect says it is both educational and emotional experience. >> he's there, looming large, looking over the tidal basin. joining the members of our forefathers who gave birth to this nation. >> reporter: after people get over just the sheer awe of the massive statue of dr. king,
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they get to interact with the memorial even more, getting up close. along this wall, 14 different of his most famous quotes. >> you must believe people everywhere can have three meals a day for their body, education, a culture for their minds and dignity, equality, and freedom for their spirit. >> which one did he receive the nobel peace prize? >> there you go. from 1964. but how relevant it is. >> what feelings do you think people am have? >> i want them to leave knowing who dr. king was. not just this country but, indeed, the world. >> reporter: the cost of the memorial is $250 million. the money raised primarily through the efforts of dr. king's fraternity, alpha phi alpha. the land was donated by the national park service. and then this sunday, august
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28th, 48 years after dr. king delivered his "i have a dream" speech, president obama will lead the official dedication. i'm vic carter, live in washington, live on television hill. >> thank you very much, vic. the other big story tonight, all eyes on irene. the hurricane cut a swath of destruction across puerto rico. downing trees and flooding streets. more than a million people are there without power. it is the first hurricane of the atlantic storm season. and here you see the storm causing violent waves from the u.s. virgin islands. before moving back into the caribbean, where it could pick up strength. >> reporter: after that, the storm is expected to head to the u.s. and to florida. people are already rushing to buy hurricane shutters, food and water. bob turk is tracking where irene is right now, and its potential dangers to us. bob? >> the latest, still about 65 miles northwest of the dominican republic.
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or 215 miles southeast of grand touric. right now, the winds are around 81 miles an hour. and those hurricane force winds extend out about 30 miles, mainly east of the center. with tropical storm force winds, at 39 miles per hour. plus, about 185 miles northeast of the center. where do we think this will go? take a look at this plot. these are the models we use. most of the models are clustered closely together, through the bahamas. and eventually, up toward maybe easton and new england. passing 100 miles east of the maryland coast. sometime sunday afternoon into late sunday night, perhaps, across our region. so what impact, perhaps, for our area? obviously, there are plenty of things that can happen between now and sunday. but it looks like the major impact will be along the south carolina-north carolina coastal area, with winds of 100 miles an hour plus. in our region, perhaps winds of
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50 miles per hour plus. tropical storm force winds, even up to new england. and flooding rains inland areas, where we have already seen rain. there could certainly be flooding issues here by the late part of the weekend, saturday night into sunday night. looks like the prime time when we could see that rain. denise? >> thank you, bob. and wjz 13 is always on. check in with first warning weather coverage. during hurricane season and for the latest storm track any time, log onto updating the breaking news from last hour. fire shuts down the harbor tunnel during rush hour. sky eye chopper 13 remains over the scene. cpts mike perry is there with more. still causing a fairly major problem here. this is the northbound harbor tunnel throughway. on the north side of the harbor, where a tire fire ignited, about a half hour ago. caused the heavy smoke and flames to come from the northbound lane. harboror tunnel, just -- harbor tunnel throughway, just outside of the tube itself. maryland transportation
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authority police got on the scene. apparently it was -- auto culprit was a rubber tire and some debris, burning alongside the roadway itself. there was no car there that was actually on fire. but it certainly did cause a lot of heavy, dense smoke. it was actually being pulled through the vent system of the harbor tunnel itself for sometime, causing a lot of smoke. it looked a whole lot worse than it actually was. now, transportation authority police are now cleaning up the scene. they have closed completely the northbound harbor tunnel throughway, southbound is running normal. but northbound, still being diverted off. back onto i-95. so expect delays if you're sitting along the harbor tunnel throughway on the northbound side, as transportation authority police continue to work through this. it is not clear at this time, how long it's going to take to clean up this debris and get the tube open again. back to you on tv hill. >> captain mike perry, reporting live.
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football fans behaving badly. now, one here is going viral on the internet. wjz is live at m&t bank stadium. der being valcourt-- derek valcourt has reaction from the game. >> we're talking about more than 97,000 web hits so far. it has had a lot of eyes and a word of warning to parents who are about to see this, there is some violence in this video. >> reporter: posted on you tube, the action happened inside ravens' stadium concession area. it began with a shove then this dark line. pretty soon, one ravens fan is knocked to the ground, apparently unable to get up. the fighting continues as a woman screams for it to end. >> reporter: stop it! >> reporter: it's several seconds before the melee is brocken up. -- broken up. city police labeled it a common occurrence. they made no arrests since the flight did not happen in their presence. for their part, the ranks organization -- ravens organization would only say,
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we're vigilant about security at our games and will always look for ways to give the fan a better experience. we will not tolerate that kind of behavior here. >> what happened is one of two football fights caught on camera this weekend. >> reporter: some fought at candlestick park saturday night. that fight lasted 40 seconds before police arrived. another was nearly beaten to death. later that night, two men were shot in a stadium's parking lot. police were investigating those crimes. >> as we can identify season ticket holders who may have inappropriately given their seats to people who are acting unlawfully. we should have them and hold them accountable. >> the latest came five months after the beating of giants fan brian stow. he remains hospitalized after he was attacked outside dodgers stadium, police say at the hands of these two men, who were dressed in los angeles dodgers gear. >> reporter: as for the fight here at ravens stadium, police say one of the participants was
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from columbia, maryland, the other from up in massachusetts. police do believe alcohol played a role in the fight. and they say it is up to each party to decide if they want to pursue criminal charges. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> derek, thank you. baltimore city police say fist fights are common at any sporting event where alcohol is served. so it's rare that those fights are caught on camera. an armed robbery suspect picks the wrong person. >> police were called to the 3600 block of dolefield avenue, where an off-duty security guard told them he was just robbed. police say he warned against shooting at the security guard, who returned in self-defense. misfound vaughn a short time later with a gunshot wound to the shoulder. he is charged with attempted armed robbery and other charges and is being held at central booking. >> the off-duty security guard was not injured during the
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incident. a sad end to the search for roswell friend. the young man who went missing. police say his body was found near temple university, where he was last seen alive. they don't suspect foul play. special friends say friend recently left concerning messages on facebook. a massive search for robyn gardner has turned up nothing. grard -- gardner, who is from frederick, went missing in aruba. mike hellgren has the latest. >> reporter: police say they do not plan another search. again, no sign of robyn gardner. but they are now looking at an eyewitness account. >> reporter: this is new video wjz obtained from aruba of the sweeping new search for robyn gardner. police also put up new missing posters, hoping someone saw something that can help solve her disappearance.
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gardner, who is from maryland, vanished from the island. she was traveling with gary giordano, who is also from maryland, and is being held in aruba, while the prosecution builds a case against him. >> he can be held on suspicion. but they have to bring charges within a certain amount of time. >> reporter: just as the new evidence started, a new witness came forward, saying she saw the couple a short time before gardner vanished. according to the witness, he said he was a fisherman and saw the two walking on the beach at 4:00. the next time anyone heard from giordano was at 6:02 p.m. he entered a bar, asking to call police, claiming that gardner drowned. >> they're searching the entire island, even through the underbrush, trying to get evidence for what may have happened during that two-hour time frame. giordano's account goes this way. the two went snorkeling and rough currents pushed her out
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to sea. >> i feel in my heart that something happened at this person's hand. >> he was detained at the airport while trying to leave, and reportedly strangely told customs gardner was taking another flight. giordano denies doing anything to harm her. >> reporter: according to a published report, gardner was taking sleeping pills and drinking vodka shortly before she disappeared. and again, that search today turned up nothing. reporting live, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> mike, thank you. last week, giordano took out a $1.5 million life insurance policy on gardner and tried to cash it in. rebels in libya claimed they are in control of the government. and the international community is offering to help the libyan people. manuel gallegus reports with more on the fall of moammar
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gadhafi's regime. >> reporter: libyan rebels set up checkpoints in tripoli to look for forces loyal to moammar gadhafi. there is still sporadic fighting in the capital. but the libyans claim to have control of 95% of the city. the search is on for their father, who has gone into hiding. >> the fight, we will turn over every stone to find him to arrest him. >> reporter: the rebels have also claimed to take over state- run television, each taking over the pree-ca -- pro-gadhafi television anchor, who waved a gun, saying she was ready to die to protect the station. >> reporter: president obama said the future of libya is now in the hands of its people. >> although it's clear that gadhafi's rule is over, he still has the opportunity to reduce further bloodshed by explicitly relinquishing power to the people of palestiniania. >> reporter: the u.s. -- of
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libya. >> reporter: the u.s. state department and the people of libya are preparing for a post- gadhafi era. >> providing services to a country that hasn't had it. >> reporter: rebels will have to bring together many different tribes and factions in libya, who spent the past four decades under gadhafi's iron fist. manuel gallegus, cbs news, new york. >> the international criminal courts says gadhafi and his sons are charged with crimes against humanity. stunning reversal. why prosecutors drop sexual assault charges against international banker dominique strauss-kahn. the alarms are going off. coming up, you can get a free smoke alarm through a special program in the city. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, the closing of the fort avenue bridge. and the opening of detours for the year to come. that story as eyewitness news
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continues. clear and calm monday evening. stick around for the updated first warning forecast coming up. ♪ [ rock ] [ chattering ] [ man on tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it ♪ i got it, we got it [ groans ] ♪ who's got it see you later. ♪ yeah! ♪ come on, she got it you got it, we got it who's got it ♪ we're all different. that's why there are five new civics. the next-generation civic. only from honda.
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a potentially life-saving effort in baltimore. city is making it easier for residents to get working smoke alarms in their homes. wjz's pat warren has more on what is new. >> reporter: the fire department has the goal. they want to install 10,000 new smoke alarms this year.
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>> reporter: firefighters canvas neighborhoods, oftenning to check to make sure smoke alarms are working. >> i think it's nice, considering it was one of my neighbors the other day. >> reporter: today, the city ramps up with 10,000 new smoke alarms with a battery life of 10 years. and an easier way to get them. just dial 311. >> as a firefighter, there is no better feeling than to arrive at the scene of the fire and find the family, standing out in front, together, and to hear those words, everybody's out. >> reporter: now, all city residents need to do is call 311. and in a to 2-hour time frame, firefighters will come to your door and personally install new smoke alarms. >> where they need to be is on the ceiling of every level of your home. >> reporter: the 311 and free smoke alarm have only one requirement. that you live in the city. your income is not a factor. the type of dwelling is not a factor. and you can start dial being
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now. >> reporter: it's a no excuses safety precaution. and mayor rawlings-blake has special encouragement for the women of the house. >> if the concern is, your house isn't tidy enough for company, don't worry about it. nobody is going to talk about it. but most important is that you call, you get your smoke alarm. they'll take care of it, it's free. they'll put it up themselves. >> reporter: it's a life saver. >> because you never know when it might happen to you. >> reporter: and sadly, six people have died in house fires in baltimore this year. back to you, denise. >> all right. thank you, pat. >> the smoke alarms were purchased with a federal grant. >> good thing to be aware of. >> beautiful weather here. we'll tell you about irene and its impact, perhaps in the mid- atlantic region coming up. take a look at temperatures. couldn't get any better than this. 80 degrees. dew point at 48. 32% humidity. just a gorgeous afternoon. the barometer keeps rising. come back and take a look at
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the forecast after this. and still ahead, more unforgettable images as wjz cell braces the opening of the martin luther king memorial in washington, d.c. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ÷xp
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hello, everyone. i'm vic carter. and i couldn't have asked for a better day to have an outside assignment here in washington, d.c. what a beautiful afternoon and evening it has been. a light breeze off the potomac. and no humidity. let's check in with bob turk and get the full forecast. bob? >> we deserve that day today. you worked very hard over there. many times overseeing the heat and humidity this summer. beautiful afternoon. and a really fall-like night headed our way. take a look at temperatures now. beautiful out there. 80 degrees there in washington. not too far from where vic is now. 82. only 63 in elkton. only got up into the mid-60s this afternoon. 75 in cumberland. and 78 in ocean city. once that dew point down to 48 degrees. right now, locally, temperatures in the mid- to upper 70s. two around 80 degrees as you can see. annapolis at 80. and kent island there, also at 80 degrees. washington, the warm spot, at 82 degrees.
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tonight, look for cool temperatures as high pressure is over the region. that means temperatures tonight are going to be dropping, probably down to around 50 degrees in many locations. and in the mid- to upper 50s. city around 62 degrees. up to our north. low pressure that brought that front through the area, now off the east coast. gave us thunderstorms. this big area of high pressure is dominate being now. and it will until the end of the week, when they start getting winds out of the west/southwest, ahead of the next front that will bring us scattered showers and thundershowers. for the weekend, a lot of what happens in our region this welcome, particularly saturday night and sunday into early monday, depends on the track of the hurricane. we'll have the thunderstorm system close to the region. that front may just stall out right through here. and the storm may just be pushed out to sea from the front. or some of that moisture may overrun the front and bring heavy rains inland. that's what we have to be more concerned about. right now, at 5:00, the latest
6:25 pm
advisory, winds, 81. moving off to the west/northwest, at 13. didn't expect it to grow because all of this area ahead of it has no mountains to knock it down. it's just flat land. east of florida, into that warm water, it could grow to a category 3 storm. yes, by the time it reaches the carolina coast. that will not be a good scenario. now, the models right now have it primarily going east to florida, off the carolina coast, and up toward -- way up toward eastern new england, by the early part of next week, passing east of that region, perhaps sunday night. as you can see, the closest models have it somewhere maybe 100 miles or so east of ocean city. a few models have it coming inland. then it, of course, loses its tropical characteristics quickly and becomes a big, major rainstorm. certainly we have to watch what happens with this storm. the biggest effect would be likely in the carolina to coastal area, where they could seeind -- see winds in excess
6:26 pm
of 100. probably flooding rain expected, inland from the storm late. in the meantime, pleasant, beautiful weather conditions. around the region, no weather issues at all. west winds, 5 to 10 knots. today, the bay temp around 81 degrees. cool, comfortable. beautiful. 60. beautiful fall-like night tonight. and tomorrow. a day just like today. sunny, dry and pleasant. high near 82 degrees. love it. >> i do, too. what's not to love? thank you, bob. still to come on wjz eyewitness news. congenital heart disease. it is one of the most common birth defects. and now, a new test can help doctors detect it earlier. protesting outside the white house. what they are calling on president obama to do. a memorial fit for a king. i'm vic carter in washington. the fraternity of dr. king, determined to build a memorial determined to build a memorial to hi[ male announcer ] want a better way to track what you spend?
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it is just before 6:30. 81 degrees and partly cloudy. hello, everyone.
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thanks for staying with wjz eyewitness news. today, as we have been telling you, it is the opening to the memorial to dr. martin luther king, jr., a beautiful structure here. today, people lined up very quietly and very patiently and waited for the opportunity to get a glimpse at dr. kink. -- dr. king. and we were there to capture their reaction. >> reporter: the official opening and dedication is not until this weekend. but the mlk memorial opened today, 48 years after the planning and execution of the march on washington. >> we just admired him for years. and this is just long overdue. and i'm just so proud. >> reporter: it was a day to record history. pictures and video by the thousands were taken. everyone wanted to preserve this moment in their lives and in the life of the nation, including visitors from baltimore. >> the fact it brings peace and love. i think that really made a difference in this country. >> i'm a little filled. filled. totally filled. i was 2 years old when he passed away. but everything he stood for is
6:31 pm
still embedded in most of us. it's wonderful. >> make sure he's still in the frame. >> reporter: for them, this is a history in realtime. taught by those who lived through the civil rights movement. >> to make sure that he knew what an important man he was. and how so many of his teachings helped us to know, especially about -- not about fighting but about peace. >> reporter: and as you might imagine, there will be thousands of people pouring here into washington over the next few days, to visit the mlk memorial. no doubt, many people who come here will be wondering what was going on in their lives during the time of dr. king. pat warren knows a man who was there, with dr. king and knew him very well. she is live on federal hill. pat? >> reporter: the time they spent together, vic, he says, were defining moments in both of their lives because they shared a similar goal. ♪ [ music ]
6:32 pm
>> reporter: in a class of their own, the 11 black students and predominantly white closed their ceremony included young martin luther king and marcus wood, who remembers his first impression of king. >> he was playful like any college student. >> and like any student, he had big ideas. >> we knew king had leadership abilities, more so than the rest of us. >> reporter: he had big plans. >> he was going to do something. he was going back south. and this dismantle the south. >> he had a dream. >> we never thought or accepted what king was telling us that he was going to become immortal. >> reporter: king enrolled s. >> that movement was trying to carry the integration concept all the way through. in spite of the fact that he
6:33 pm
had to go to jail. and then finally, his life was taken. >> reporter: what is the next big thing? what is the next big change that we need to see in our society? >> we change from segregation by color to segregation by economics. >> discrimination. >> reporter: and if king had livered, -- lived, he would have tackled the economics side. >> their bond was never broken. continue months -- 10 months before dr. king was scheduled to speak at dr. woods' church, he was assassinated. as for the memorial,. >> i look at the picture. and i'm trying to decide whether or not it is the best one they could have used to represent the king that i knew who started out just a young boy. >> reporter: that would be the picture reverend wood carries in his heart. >> reporter: reverend wood has been pastor at providence baptist church in baltimore for
6:34 pm
decades. he is 91 years old and says the crowds make this impossible for him to go for the opening. but he really does hope at some point to be able to see the monument on his own. back to you. >> and we certainly hope that as well, pat. thank you. what an emotional story and a wonderful man there in baltimore. the official opening of the memorial will be this sunday, on august 28th. that is 48 years to the day when dr. king delivered his "i have a dream" speech. i'm vic carter, live in washington, now, back to you on television hill. >> thank you, vic. all charges dropped. the case against a high-profile international banker, accused of sexual assault, falls apart. >> well, denise, new york prosecutors filed the papers to dismiss the charges against dominique strauss-kahn. he had been accused of attacking a hotel maid back in may, in a case that made international headlines. however, prosecutors said there were excuses to the credibility. now, she says she will press
6:35 pm
forward with a civil suit against strauss-kahn. strauss-kahn was the head of the international monetary fund. and was a presidential contender for the presidency of france. >> the lawsuit has unspecified damages. giffords is in her third term in congress, but has spent the last eight months recovering from a gunshot wound she suffered during a political event in january. republican arizona senator frank an tonoy has formed an explore tory committee to take the seat. boosting independence from oil. members of the group wanted to try to persuade president obama and his administration to deny the permit for that pipeline. >> reporter: it's the gateway
6:36 pm
to one of baltimore's most historical sites. but starting today, work to replace the bridge were cut in two. that will make getting there more difficult. but the work will eventually make it safer. >> reporter: the first work trucks have pulled away, leaving the barriers on road blocks, while surveyors take last-minute measurements on a 90-year-old bridge. >> if you were 100, you'd never go over it. trust me. >> reporter: and they showed wjz a bridge in severe decay. se -- cement crumbling. she kept after the city and csx to replace it. now, it's finally happening. >> this is like a gift. a gift. it's going to be wonderful to the community and just to know it's going to be safe. >> reporter: but it's going to take some adapting, especially for businesses. >> i'm not really worried about it. hopefully i get a lot of the construction workers from
6:37 pm
there. >> reporter: electric warning signs were turned today. and traffic officers were out explaining detours. >> reporter: but trains run through the middle. routes. >> well, a train unit does wrap all the way around the area. you know, it starts here and goes around. >> reporter: the city will activate an alert system for area residents whenever a train blocks the detour for more than 10 minutes. fire and police have also developed contingency plans for the year construction will take. >> reporter: but a along with inconvenience, there is also understanding about the bridge. >> the bridge is falling apart. and who knows what could happen? >> reporter: details for a new bridge are better than a bridge falling down. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> baltimore and csx are splitting the $6 million it will cost to replace the bridge. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun.
6:38 pm
an investigation finds more than 400 vacant homes in the city received tax breaks intended for occupied properties. the smart phone app developed at the university of maryland has made students feel safer walking around campus at night. and why one raven might be a roster victim because of a rules change. remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. still ahead on eyewitness news. in the line of duty, a california police officer shot in a wild shootout. i'm bob turk. first warning weather center. more dry, sunny, pleasant weather coming our way. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. and more unforgettable images as wjz celebrates the opening of the martin luther king memorial in washington, d.c. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:41 pm
one police officer is in the hospital, after a violent standoff caught on tape in california. the 28-year-old officer was responding to a call when he was shot in the neck. the gunman is accused of killing his mother-in-law.
6:42 pm
police surrounded the home. investigators are searching for a motive. congenital heart defects are relatively common in newborns and in some cases, can be deadly. there is a simple, inexpensive test that can detect some of these defects and potentially save thousands of lives, but it's not routinely done in the united states. new recommendations are out to change that. >> reporter: just hours after giving birth to her baby, she found something seriously wrong. >> one of the nurses was getting ready to return him to our room, and she noticed one of his finger nails was turning blue. >> reporter: alex was not getting enough oxygen to his body. a pulse ox helped to reveal he had a congenital heart defect. >> in that one instant,
6:43 pm
everything changed. >> reporter: a nurse noticed alex's condition was off. but in many cases, there are no warning signs. >> it's particularly important that we identify babies with these critical congenital heart defect. because if we don't, they can go home from the nursery and very rapidly die. >> reporter: about one in every 120 babies is born with congenital heart disease. >> in about 25% of those cases, the defect can be life- threatening. >> pulse ox monitors the level of oxygen in the blood. alex's level was so low, he had to undergo heart surgery. now, he acts like a normal 2- month-old. >> if it wasn't for the giant scar on his chest, you would have no idea that there was even a problem with him. >> reporter: but his road to recover isn't over. the little guy still has two more surgeries ahead of him. kendis gibson, wjz eyewitness news. >> that little guy a fighter.
6:44 pm
at the end of the month, new jersey will become the first state in the nation to require that all babies are screened using pulse oximetry. scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. libyan rebels claim to control the capital tripoli being as the world wonders, what happened to moammar gadhafi. we'll have reports tonight on the cbs evening news. here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:47 pm
oh, look at that beautiful picture of the key bridge. gorgeous. thank you. that's harbor cam. that's how far harbor cam can see. wow. sunny start to the new workweek. live look outside right now. will we see any pop-up storms this evening? doesn't look like it. >> just about a perfect night and a couple of beautiful days heading your way. very cool tonight. in fact, tomorrow morning, many places will be in the near 50 degrees. maybe the coldest night we've seen since the middle of june. 57, 73, 76. getting up to about 80, 82 degrees before it's all said
6:48 pm
and done. beautiful on wednesday. a few degrees warmer. increased humidity, thursday and friday, with a front approaching. maybe a shower or thundershower. both thursday and friday afternoon. and saturday, looks like more clouds, all depending on the front and the actual position of hurricane irene. may start bringing clouds and light rain by saturday night. and a better chance probably of rain in the region on sunday into monday. of course, more on that as we track the storm all week long. denise? >> thank you, bob. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. the ravens return to the practice field in owings mills, getting ready for the redskins. >> mark has the latest next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:51 pm
friday night was encouraging, as we count down to the real season, not the preseason. >> that's right. we talk about this being a truncated season. less than three weeks to get ready for the real game. and the ravens are seeing progress. especially on defense, where they're secondary appears to be loaded with talent for the first time in years.
6:52 pm
now, a lot does depend on the right knee of dom nick foxworth. -- dominique fox worth -- foxworth. he is working back in pain. as he comes back, foxworth feels like he's now surrounded with talented teammates. >> makes me, i think, last year, one of the most difficult things for me to dole with was kind of leaving a bit of a hole on the team that you feel responsible for. and this year, it's -- we're really beat and really talented. so no matter what happens with any one or two guys, we have other guys that can step in and do just as good a job. >> and one of those guys was cary williams. he's been working as a starter, along with rookie jimmy smith. chris carr has missed time with a hamstring injury. next season, you can see it here live on wjz. see the ravens take on the redskins.
6:53 pm
our coverage begins thursday, 7:30. again, that's live here on wjz 13. other nfl news, former ohio state, quarterback terrell pryor became a raider today, drafted by oakland in the league's supplemental draft. pryor bailed out of school after getting ohio state in trouble. he is likely to face a five- game suspension to start his nfl career. to baseball now, a bad season for the orioles, only seems to be getting worse. five straight losses on the road trip that now takes had him to minnesota as they open a series with the twins tonight. a brutal loss in anaheim yesterday, featured four errors by the o's. three of them by blake davis alone. he was playing third base in the big leagues for the first time. o's fielders committed eight errors while getting swept by the angels. and that sun in southern california only made it worse. this drops the birdses are a
6:54 pm
season worse, 30 under the 500 mark. >> it is tough. it's not fun losing. no one likes to lose. tries to show up with a good attitude every day. and just do your best and hopefully get things to happen. it's been a rough stretch. and hopefully time to learn from it and keep moving forward. >> we just gotta play team baseball. not worry about individual things. just be accountable for yourself. and regroup the guy on in front of you and behind you. >> reporter: plenty of rules about jones. he came up with another catch for his personal highlight reel, when he robbed torii hunter of a run. again, the o's played minnesota tonight. you can see that game on masn 2. to the little league world series, where kids with bats and balls can break grownup stuff. right into the lens of that expensive camera, behind home plate. as mom used to say, we can't
6:55 pm
have nice things. [ laughter ] >> now, maybe the network needs to invest, i don't know, $20 on a net or plexiglas to help that? >> and that was a belt. could have gone straight through. probably knocked the photographer out. >> he's got quite an arm. thank you, mark. be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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as we close out this newscast, a few final thoughts on the moments for dr. king. it was my pleasure for four years to work on the committee to make sure this structure was built. i work if for people like coretta scott king. and i wished she could have been here. and on a personal note, i really wish my parents, ernest and cybil carter were here as well. somehow, i think they would be really proud of what has taken place here all this week. i'm also keenly aware that those people i just mentioned are the reason i'm able to stand where i stand now. so on behalf of all of us at wjz, for bob, mark, and denise, thanks for watching this evening. and now we take to you the >> pelley: tonight, libyan
6:59 pm
rebels say they control most of tripoli. there are celebrations in the street, but the fight's not over. and where is qaddafi in we have barry peterson in triply, mark phillips on nato, and wyatt andrews with the president. oil prices slide, so why are you still paying so much at the pump? mark strassman has figured it out. dr. jennifer ashton tells us about plans to screen newborns for a silent killer. and chip reid is at the opening of a national monument to a king. >> we will be able to... ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. fast-moving developments tonight in a war backed by american firepower. libyan rebels are pressing t


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